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Patient Resources

Virtual Visits

See a doctor anytime, anywhere, online. Access quick care when and where you choose for ONLY $99 PER VISIT. Connect with a physician in real time to receive a diagnosis, treatment plan, and prescription as needed. CareMount Medical patients will have their virtual visit included in their personal health record. This service is offered to CareMount Medical patients and New York residents only.

virtual visits register your account

Request a virtual visitview conditions we treat

virtual visit is available 24/7 with no appointment necessary and prescriptions are sent right to your pharmacy

CareMount Medical is Connected

After a Virtual Visit, CareMount Medical patients’ primary care physicians will automatically receive a copy of their visit to facilitate coordinated care. Other telehealth services charge a fee to access your medical records, medical history and medications. CareMount Medical will make a follow- up appointment and arrange care as part of the cost of your visit.

download the caremount 24/7 app

Be Prepared, Download the CareMount 24/7 app today and sign up

  1. Virtual Visits are available to patients who have a camera-equipped computer or smartphone: For smartphone or tablet use, download the CM24/7 app from Google Play or the App StoreNo smartphone or tablet? Go to
  2. Create an account:
    • Follow the prompts to setup a secure profile. First time users will answer health-related questions stored for future visits
  3. Start your Virtual Visit:
    • Login to CM 24/7
    • Select REQUEST A VISIT
    • Answer health-related questions and update pharmacy information
    • See the physician
      Download on the Apple App StoreDownload on Google Play

Common Conditions We Treat

Skin Conditions Respiratory Problems General Health
Acne Allergies Common allergies
Dermatitis Asthma Constipation
Eczema (mild-visible) Cold & Flu Diarrhea
Itchy skin Cough Insect Bites
Poison Ivy Fever Nausea & Vomiting
Rash Headaches Pink Eye
Rosacea Sinus infections Urinary problems
And more Sore Throats Muscle pain
And more And more


Patient Stories

  • “This is the best urgent care virtual visit I have ever had…Felt so confident in the doctor who I spoke with and did not have to leave my home as sick as I was to sit for hours at an urgent care with several other sick people. This service is a wonderful thing and does what it should… KEEP SICK PEOPLE HOME so they don’t spread illnesses…Thank you”
  • “I had one visit originally with Urgent Care. I was then able to follow up with Virtual Care for a lingering cough and received a prescription without having to go back into the office again. It was convenient, fast and the doctor was professional and attended to my immediate care. I would certainly recommend this option for care.”
  • “Love not having to go to the office and get sick from someone there and how it saves me time.”
  • “It was a pleasure dealing with the doctor. Exceeded my expectation of using this new service!”

Request a virtual visit

Teledermatology: Virtual visits for skin conditions

CareMount offers a full spectrum of teledermatology services, a cost-effective and easy-to-access option for patients.  You no longer have to miss work/school or wait for an in-person scheduled appointment. CareMount dermatologist Dr. Ayelet Mizrachi-Jonish is available to see adults and children on demand and by appointment on Mondays (8 am – 4 pm) and Fridays (8 am – 12 noon) through CareMount 24/7.

Send your skin condition images to the dermatologist for viewing, evaluating and providing consultation followed by a live interactive face-to-face visit.

Prepare for a teledermatology virtual visit:

  • Write down your questions ahead of time
  • Take 3-4 images of your condition in bright lighting from multiple angles (helpful but not necessary)
  • Do not use make-up
  • When on the video chat, make sure the room is brightly lit and your condition is unobstructed.

Visit fee is $99 for a CareMount Medical patient or $149 for new patients. Virtual Visits are available to patients who have a camera-equipped computer or smartphone.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a Virtual Visit?

A Virtual Visit is a medical consultation conducted via video chat through a computer, smart phone or tablet. With Virtual Visits you can see physicians face-to-face from anywhere, anytime.

What can I expect when I schedule a Virtual Visit?

Once you are enrolled, by selecting “Request a Visit” your Virtual Visit begins. Update personal health information and the reason for your visit. Select video visit and connect to a physician for 10-15 minutes to evaluate symptoms and discuss treatment options.

What conditions are treated?

Below are the most common conditions. If the physician cannot diagnose or treat the medical concern, s/he may refer you to a CareMount Medical office or Urgent Care physician.

The $99 will still apply.

Treatment for common conditions 

  • Acne
  • Allergies
  • Cold or Flu
  • Cough
  • Constipation
  • Diarrhea
  • Fever
  • Flu
  • Headache
  • Insect Bites
  • Nausea
  • Pink Eye
  • Rash
  • Respiratory Problems
  • Sore Throats
  • Urinary problems/Urinary Tract Infection
  • Vomiting

How much is a Virtual Visit?

$99 PER VISIT. You will be asked to enter your credit card information before moving into the virtual waiting room. This price includes your primary care physician automatically receiving a copy of your visit to facilitate coordinated care. Other telehealth services charge a fee to access your medical records, medical history and medications and we include this in the cost.  CareMount Medical will make a follow- up appointment and arrange care.

If the Virtual Visit physician recommends I see a specialist or primary care physician, do I still pay for the visit?

Yes. Similar to an in-person visit, if referred to another provider, the $99 will still apply.

Can I use my insurance to cover a Virtual Visit?

Depending on coverage, you may be able to submit a claim to your insurance for reimbursement. Please contact your insurance carrier before requesting a Virtual Visit. Flexible Spending Account (FSA) and Health Savings Account (HSA) cards are accepted.

Who is eligible for a Virtual Visit?

Adults and minors up to age 11 can receive care through CareMount 24/7.  A parent or legal guardian must participate in the visit between the physician and a minor child. Virtual Visits are available for patients located in New York, New Jersey and Connecticut.

How can I sign up my child for a Virtual Visits?

A parent or guardian must download the app, enroll, and add the dependent to the parent account:

Open the app

Scroll down to “My Account” > OPEN

Click on the (+) plus sign that appears to the right of the screen

Complete the questionnaire with the requested information

Is a Virtual Visit right for my child?

Virtual Visits complement primary care physicians. Children who present fever, urinary symptoms, inner ear infections, and strep must be referred to their pediatrician, the nearest CareMount Urgent Care location, or emergency department.

Can I use a Virtual Visit for an emergency?

No, for emergencies, please dial 911

Do I need to enroll to have a Virtual Visit?

Yes, and it’s free!  CareMount 24/7 enrollment is quick and required before starting a Virtual Visit.

Can I get a prescription?

Yes, a prescription may be provided if the physician decides it is needed. Like an in-person visit, the prescription will be sent the same-day to the pharmacy. Controlled substances are not prescribed

Where are Virtual Visits available?

Virtual Visits and Teledermatology visits are ONLY available for New York residents.

How can I get additional help with Virtual Visits?

Call: 855-549-2214 | Email:  lpsupport@teladoc.comRequest a virtual visitcaremount 247 Logo R