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Virtual Visit Instructional Guide

Need Technical or Scheduling Assistance

If you think you have a potentially life threatening problem, call 911 and go to the Emergency Department

How much does a Virtual Visit cost?

There will be no charge at the time of your visit. Many insurance carriers will now cover this service, but you will still be responsible if the charge is applied towards your deductible. If your insurance carrier does not cover a “telehealth” visit, you will receive a bill for $49.

Preparing for your Virtual Visit

Read instructions for “Day Of Your Visit” to be sure you are ready to start your visit.

Before your visit, check that your camera and microphone are enabled. If not follow these instructions.

iOS (iPhone, iPad)

Settings > Privacy > Camera >Enable CareMount 24/7


android settings

It will be helpful to have these items with you during your Virtual Visit. Please have any prescription medications that you take in front of you during your visit so these can be reviewed with your provider.


  • Thermometer
  • Blood pressure cuff
  • Pulse oxygen level
  • Flashlight


  • Scale
  • Blood pressure cuff


  • Blood glucose log
  • If you have a pump, please download your pump data


  • Your doctor will make a specific request, if applicable

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