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Senior Health And Wellness



As we grow older, our healthcare needs change.  We, at CareMount Medical, understand that.  Our healthcare teams are specially trained to meet the health and psychosocial needs of seniors and are trained to address the often complex chronic and acute health conditions that come with advancing age. We provide coordinated, comprehensive care to seniors aged 65 and older, with an emphasis on prevention, expert diagnosis and wellness.  In addition to board certified physicians in family medicine and internal medicine, we have doctors in 50 different specialties, including neurology, cardiology, urology, ophthalmology, etc. Managing multiple diseases can be complex and challenging, especially as we age, and therefore a multi-disciplinary approach is sometimes needed.

Our goal is to keep you healthy, improve your ability to function, and improve your quality of life, as well as assist your family and caregivers.

We strongly encourage seniors to schedule an annual wellness visit (AWV).  This is not a physical exam, but a one-on-one discussion and is covered by Medicare to discuss preventative care.  You and your healthcare team will reflect on the past year and create a wellness plan.  Age appropriate screenings; routine measurements and vitals; a review of medications; a review of your functional ability, and much more are part of an AWV as well as a discussion on advanced care planning.  This is a free service provided through Medicare to improve your health, prevent disease, and maximize your wellness, so you can keep doing what you love to do.  Read more from our AWV pamphlet.

CareMount Medical offers same day appointments, online scheduling, a patient portal, on-site labs and radiology services in many of our locations, eight urgent cares, and access to a physician through virtual visits.

Care Coordination Program

CareMount Medical offers patients a Care Coordination Program.  With this specialized program, a care coordinator works with the patient and family/caregiver to help you actively participate in improving your own healthcare through personalized care that targets your specific healthcare issues and needs. Our Care Coordination Team works with individual patients with chronic illnesses with the goal of improving their health conditions, developing care plans, and helping you to better understand your health condition(s). The Care Coordinator will collaborate with your doctor and can be a valuable resource in helping you with a wide variety of issues. This may include helping you manage your different medications, planning care following a hospital discharge or finding an appropriate skilled nursing facility.  He/she can help you keep your independence while you deal with an illness or injury.


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