Pre Check-in

Checking in Before You Arrive: In all of our locations, we have streamlined the check-in process. Before you arrive, forms and co-pays can be processed remotely. You will save time at the front desk, avoid unnecessary time spent in the waiting room and proceed directly to the exam room. You will receive a link as part of your appointment reminder, two days ahead of your scheduled appointment to check-in online.

Why Pre check-in?

  • Use your own device to limit the spread of germs
  • Saves time in the waiting room
  • Safe, private and secure way to check in.
  • Allows you to make payments, set up payment plans and place a credit card on file
  • Offers more accurate and up-to-date health history information
  • Patients can take a photo of and submit their insurance cards

Upon your arrival to the office, please remember to check in with the front desk to complete the registration process prior to your scheduled appointment time.

To reschedule your appointment, please contact your provider’s number listed above, 24 hours before your visit. In the event you do not give adequate notice and do not show for your appointment, a fee will be charged.

Please remember, your provider will not see any of this information until you get to the office! 

If you are experiencing any sort of emergency, call 911.  Do not rely on the Pre check-in questionnaire for urgent medical attention.