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Important Alerts:

Westchester County Hepatitis A Exposure

Mt. Kisco: Select Surgeries and Urology Office Moves

Wuhan CoronaVirus-2019-nCoV

A new virus has been discovered in Wuhan, China. If you or a close contact have recently traveled to China AND meet the criteria PLEASE GO TO YOUR NEAREST EMERGENCY ROOM. For more information visit

Kingston Urgent Care: Now Open

Pawling Office Has Moved

Yorktown Offices

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An Easy Way to Shop for your Medicare Plan.

Medicare Advantage 2019 web banner

Ask us for help finding a Medicare plan that’s accepted by your CareMount Medical doctors. We’ve partnered with eHealth, an independent insurance agency that operates a non-government website to give you that help.

February 2020 – May 2020 Medicare Calendar:

Medicare Calendar - Winter 2020


eHealth Website HelpLine