Medical Records

CareMount Medical maintains patient confidentiality by keeping all your personal and health information secure. The Office of Medical Records works with physicians and patients to facilitate the process of making your medical information available to you. Patients can obtain specific parts or all of their medical record. Patients who are registered with our Patient Portal can access portions of their health information from the privacy of their home at any time. The Patient Portal gives you the ability to review past appointments, lab results, current medications, and manage upcoming appointments.

Some Answers To Questions Regarding Medical Records:

Q: How Do I Get Access To My Electronic Medical Records At CareMount Medical?
A: The fastest way to obtain a copy of your medical records is to fill out an authorization form that is HIPAA compliant. After completion it can be faxed or mailed directly to the Medical Records office (see bottom for address). When completing the form please print clearly, sign it and include your mailing address.

Q: How Long Does It Take To Get My Medical Records?
A: Normal processing time takes 10 business days. If you have an upcoming appointment please note it on your request.

Q: What Should I Know About Privacy?
A: If the patient is a minor or is not competent to give consent to request the records, the signature of a parent or legal guardian will be required. Additional authorization may be required for release of specifically protected or privileged information.

Q: How Do I Give Access To A Family Member To Retrieve My Medical Records At CareMount Medical?
A: Individuals can give family members or a representative the ability to request copies of their medical records in advance.This is helpful in cases of emergency or unavailability. The personal representatives or designees can be added or removed at any time. Forms can be found by clicking here.

Q: Can My Records Be Faxed To Me?
A: No, because CareMount Medical ensures the confidentiality of your medical information.

Q: What If I Want My Medical Records To Go To Another Doctor?
A: After the Medical Records office receives your authorization for release of health information, physicians can be mailed copies of your records at no cost to you, or the requesting physician.

Q: Do I Have To Pay To Obtain My Medical Records?
A: Yes, we charge $0.75 per page to provide you with a copy of your medical records which is based on NYS Public Health Law 18.

Q: Where Can I Pick Up My Medical Records?
A: You can retrieve copies of your medical records with a valid identification or driver’s license in any of our locations. Learn more at


Medical Records Office  • 100 South Bedford Rd. • Mount Kisco NY, 10549

P: 914-242-1238 | F: 914-242-1393

Hours: 8:00a.m. –  5:00p.m