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Manhattan Offices - UN General Assembly is open, expect traffic delays

The 74th Session of the UN General Assembly will be open on 9/17/19 and the 1st day of the General Debate will be 9/24/19 continuing through 9/27/19.  Please build in extra travel time for your appointments due to multiple street closures and anticipated traffic delays.”

Kingston Urgent Care is closed; will reopen in Oct.

Kingston Urgent Care is closed and will re-open in October, however our main Kingston office is open for regularly scheduled appointments. Patients needing walk-in services, please visit our Rhinebeck Urgent Care located at 6734 Route 9.




Patient Resources

Care Coordinator Program

About The Care Coordinator Program

A Care Coordinator empowers patients to actively participate in improving their own healthcare through personalized care that targets each patient’s specific healthcare issues and needs. Our Care Coordination Team works with individual patients with chronic illnesses with the goal of improving their health conditions, developing care plans, and helping you to better understand your health condition(s). The Care Coordinator will work closely with your doctor and can be a valuable resource in helping you with a wide variety of issues. The Care Coordinator can help you keep your independence while you deal with an illness or injury.

How can I work with a Care Coordinator?

Your doctor will refer you to the Care Coordination staff if he/she feels they can help you with your specific healthcare needs. Once the referral is received, a Care Coordinator will contact you to discuss how they can assist you. The Care Coordinator will also continue working with your physician to develop and implement ongoing treatment plans tailored specifically to your individual needs.

A Care Coordinator will:

  • Contact you to learn more about your health status.
  • Be a resource when you are discharged from the hospital to your home, a skilled nursing facility, or other healthcare facility.
  • Contact you when you are in the hospital to make sure you fully understand all of your discharge instructions and changes in your medication.
  • Provide education about your diagnosis and any medications you are on.
  • Provide wellness education to help you live a healthier lifestyle.
  • Help you find Durable Medical Equipment or home healthcare services.
  • Assist with scheduling follow-up appointments and arranging transportation.

If you would like to speak to someone from our Care Coordination Team about your health care, please contact us.
Main: 845-202-6340 | Scheduling: 845-202-6341 | Fax: 845-202-6215