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Update on Monkeypox

CareMount is offering the COVID-19 Vaccination to Babies and Children 6 Months of Age and Older and Booster Dose for Ages 5+, click here to learn more

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Give It Your Best Shot

By:  Ayo Moses, MD, MBA | Family Medicine Over time, our immune systems tend to weaken, putting us at higher risk for certain diseases. About 45,000 adults die each year from illnesses that could have been prevented by a vaccination (immunization).  The best way to prevent certain complications is to get the appropriate vaccines. A physician can decide […]

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Pneumococcal Vaccines Offer Protection from Serious Childhood Illnesses

By Amy Amin Patil, MD | Pediatrics  When it comes to preventing illness, vaccines stand at the forefront of our ability to protect patients from diseases. In terms of protecting children, starting in the year 2000 with the addition of pediatric pneumococcal vaccines, our ability to protect young patients from serious and potentially life-threatening infections was […]

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Keeping Track: Baby, Teen or In-Between, It’s Probably Vaccination Time

By Jill I. Ratner | Pediatrics Baby, teen, or somewhere in-between – it doesn’t matter.  Your child has an upcoming wellness visit to the pediatrician’s office and can expect another vaccination – or two or three. 

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Teens and Vaccines: Shots Are All About Saving Lives

Vaccinations are shots that impact the world, because they save lives globally. They protect your child against serious and often deadly diseases, and protect everybody else with whom your child comes in contact.

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Vaccines for Adults 50+

By Margaret E. Vaughan, MD FACP | Internal Medicine It’s a common misconception that vaccines are just for kids. This assumption typically develops because the bulk of immunizations against Infectious Diseases have occurred during childhood. However, the truth is that older adults – those 50 and up – need vaccinations too. They can have a weakened […]

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Should I Get a Flu Shot?

Flu season is different every year, and it’s important to make sure you’re ready. Even the healthiest people can get very sick from influenza because it affects everyone differently and you can be exposed to so many people in the populated New York area. So what can you do to prevent getting the flu? Look […]

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