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Update on Monkeypox

CareMount is offering the COVID-19 Vaccination to Babies and Children 6 Months of Age and Older and Booster Dose for Ages 5+, click here to learn more

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Celebrate Women’s Health Month with the Holistic Care of Midwifery

By Megan Corjulo, CNM | Midwife The month of May is filled with celebration and renewed life. Amid blooming spring flowers and budding trees, we celebrate Mother’s Day and we begin to prepare our families and ourselves for an active, fun-filled summer.  Yet, as a woman, before you can take care of others, you must […]

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Do Midwives Do More Than Just Deliver Babies?

By Deborah Healy, CNM MS | Midwifery When people hear the term ‘midwife,’ they might picture a woman coaching a mother through labor, about to deliver a baby. In fact, midwives (who can also be male) receive in-depth training in primary care, in addition to gynecology and obstetrics. Like doctors, midwives can be partners in evidence-based […]

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