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Update on Monkeypox

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Lyme Season Is Here

By John T. Rafalli, MD FACP | Infectious Disease Diagnosis and management of tickborne diseases can be very complex and anxiety provoking. Unlike other problems patients have to solve, the internet search results may yield overwhelming amounts of conflicting information.  Further, doctors may not even agree with one another on diagnosis and management of the same […]

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Another Lyme Season is over! You’ve Made It!

By John T. Raffalli, MD FACP | Infectious Disease Lyme disease is spread by blacklegged ticks called Ixodes scapularis during spring and summer.  The ticks can only spread Lyme disease during one part of their life: when they are nymphs.  Not every nymph, however, spreads Lyme; as a matter of fact, most do not!   Ticks […]

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