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Colorectal Cancer Screening Update

CareMount Medical remains on the cutting edge of the most current research and recommendations in medicine.  The American Cancer Society has proposed the recommendation to lower the age for colorectal cancer screening from 50 to 45 years in all Americans, as new cases of colorectal cancer are occurring at an increasing rate in Americans under the age of 50.  This recommendation will likely be approved and immediately employed into our practice at CareMount Medical.  However, until a final recommendation has been made by the US Multi-Society Task Force,  CareMount Medical–Division of Gastroenterology reiterates the importance of initiating colorectal cancer screening at age 50 in patients without symptoms or family history of colorectal cancer, and age 45 in African-American patients. Those patients under the age of 50 with rectal bleeding or unexplained iron deficiency, should be evaluated for underlying colorectal cancer.

dr aurisicchio

Louis N. Aurisicchio, MD FACG
Gastroenterology & HepatologyInternal Medicine