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CareMount Medical Offers Advanced Technology for Breast Cancer Patients

CareMount Medical Breast Surgeons and Radiologists First in the Region to Use the SAVI SCOUT® Wire-Free Radar Localization System

Chappaqua, New York—February 8, 2018—CareMount Medical is the first medical group in the region to offer a new state-of-the-art treatment option to patients diagnosed with breast cancer. Breast surgeons and radiologists at CareMount Medical will utilize the SAVI SCOUT®, a wire-free radar breast localization system designed to precisely locate and guide the removal of a tumor during a lumpectomy or surgical biopsy procedure. The SCOUT system can localize a tumor that cannot be easily felt and can be used for a patient who is diagnosed with cancer, or for a patient who has suspicious activity that needs to be evaluated further and possibly removed.

The FDA-cleared SCOUT system features radar to detect a reflector that is placed at the tumor site prior to the day of the lumpectomy or surgical biopsy procedure. During surgery, the SCOUT system is used to detect the location of the reflector within the breast within 1mm of accuracy[1], allowing the surgeon to plan the best path to the tumor. SCOUT then provides real-time distance measurement guidance to the target tissue during surgery. Finally, the system confirms that the reflector has been removed along with the targeted tissue.

“Our exceptional, well trained breast surgeons and radiologists continue to provide state-of-the-art procedure options for patients with benign breast disease as well as breast cancer,” said Scott D. Hayworth, M.D., President and CEO of CareMount Medical.

“Incorporating the SAVI SCOUT® system at CareMount Medical will offer our patients diagnosed with breast cancer a safe and advanced treatment option,” said Marc Hertz, M.D., Chair of Radiology at CareMount Medical. “The benefits of utilizing the SCOUT technology include: less potential tissue removal, which can help result in better cosmetic results; precise tumor localization, which can increase the likelihood of complete cancer removal and a reduction in the need for a second surgery. With these more accurate results, patients are able to receive additional critical treatments, such as chemotherapy or radiation, faster.”

View the SAVI SCOUT® system: