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At CareMount Medical Pediatrics, healthy kids are ready for anything. And when kids feel great, they get to do what they do best – grow, learn and play. CareMount’s pediatricians provide care to children of all ages. From screenings and immunizations to treating illnesses and disorders, CareMount pediatricians have one mission — to keep your kids healthy. Because healthy equals ready! CareMount pediatricians look forward to caring for all children in the community.

We believe in empowering our families and giving them the tools they need to live a healthy lifestyle. In addition to listening to your concerns, we can offer you preventive tips and informative strategies that are easy to integrate, no matter how busy you are. We emphasize a holistic approach because, as dedicated as we are to treating your children when they’re sick, our mission is to see them thriving and well. We maintain the highest ethical standards and professionalism in all that we do.

Pediatric Specialties

CareMount Medical has several pediatric specialists to address your child’s every need. We coordinate efforts across your child’s providers to provide the highest quality of care. Pediatric specialties include:

  1. Allergy and Immunology
  2. Anesthesiology
  3. Endocrinology
  4. Gastroenterology
  5. Gynecology
  6. Neurology
  7. Ophthalmology
  8. Otolaryngology (ear, nose and throat)

Pediatric Hours & Locations

If your child is having a medical emergency, please call 911 immediately.

There is always a CareMount Pediatrician on call if needed. We welcome all other calls and we are here to answer your questions. Find the appropriate telephone number for your Doctor’s office.

When our office is closed CareMount Medical’s Urgent Care offices are available for pediatric and adult patients. For information on locations, wait times and hours of operations please call (844) 484-6564 or visit


Find Pediatric offices and hours of operations near you:

When Your Child Is Sick

When your child is sick, we are available to help you 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Telephone calls are handled initially by experienced triage nurses. To assist the triage nurse, please provide your child’s name, age, primary Pediatrician, and reason you are calling. Whenever you suspect your child may have a fever, please take his or her temperature before calling (Infants Rectally). Having this information available will enable the phone nurse to more accurately assess your child’s condition.

Prescription Refills

You can request prescription refills by phone and through the Patient Portal anytime day or night. Routine refills are usually processed within 48 hours. Please plan ahead so you don’t run out of important medicines.

Lab Policy

When a child visits the lab for blood collection, certain procedures need to be followed for the safety and security of both the child and the technician. We have found the following approaches to be successful in minimizing the child’s anxiety as well as the time involved, making it a less stressful experience:

  • Please be prepared for only one parent or guardian to accompany the child to the collection room.
  • Children under age 5 will be required to lie down and will be attended to by two or more technicians.

Your cooperation and support regarding this policy will facilitate a positive experience for your child and will be greatly appreciated by the laboratory staff. As a special service to our pediatric patients, a phlebotomist is available within the pediatric department during most of our routine office hours.

About Us

CareMount Medical has enjoyed being part of your community since 1946. When we first opened our doors, we were a small group of physicians in Mount Kisco. Our commitment to continuously improving our services has helped us grow into the multi-specialty medical group that we are today. Our roots stretch wide! We have the honor of watching children grow and thrive in neighborhoods across Westchester, Putnam, Columbia, Dutchess, and Ulster counties and New York City. We are thrilled to offer you the choice of over 50 pediatricians who can deliver your children the first-rate attention they deserve.

At CareMount Pediatrics, we believe that the relationship between a family and their pediatrician is based on caring, open communication, and trust. Our pediatricians want to create a partnership you can depend on, helping your children grow from infancy to young adulthood. So we will always try to meet your individual needs. As a Level 3 Patient Centered Medical Home, or PCMH, CareMount has been awarded the highest degree of coordinated care given by the National Committee of Quality Assurance (NCQA). A PCMH aims to make you feel “at home,” placing you and your family at the center of continuous care and disease prevention management.

As a parent, you are often juggling many responsibilities. So we’ve designed our Pediatrics program to make it easy for you to access the care your children need. In addition to doctors’ visits, we offer child-friendly blood drawing, X-ray facilities with MRI and advanced imaging procedures, and pediatric-trained Radiology staff. And the best part? All of these services are available on-site. You’re also welcome to bring your kids to our walk-in clinic hours, or after-hours Urgent Care centers, available in many neighborhoods.

When your child has a medical issue requiring a specialist, you will have access to our vast network of doctors and facilities. These include our own Surgical Center, staffed with board certified Pediatric Anesthesiologists. We also have Pediatric sub-specialists covering the most important pediatric needs: Allergy and ImmunologyEndocrinology, Gastroenterology, Neurology, Ophthalmology, and Otolaryngology (ear, nose and throat). Exemplary care is accessible right in your neighborhood.

Lastly, while we may be in different offices, we are all under one virtual roof. All CareMount Medical doctors can access your child’s electronic health records instantly. We’re ready to communicate with each other to help your child get or stay well. This team approach is in line with our PCMH designation, and has been shown to be more beneficial for patients. So we follow the evidence that leads to higher quality outcomes for you and your family.