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Obstetrics & Gynecology

Robotic Gynecologic Surgery

CareMount Medical utilizes the latest minimally invasive surgical techniques for the treatment of serious gynecologic medical conditions.

Our highly trained and experienced physicians and nursing staff have access to state-of-the art technology, including the da Vinci Robot. If you or a loved one are experiencing symptoms associated with a gynecologic condition, simply contact us today for a consultation with any one of our gynecologists.

Overviews and Advantages

When medication and non-invasive gynecologic procedures are unable to relieve symptoms, gynecologic surgery is often the most effective treatment.

Traditional open gynecologic surgery, using a large incision for access to the uterus and surrounding anatomy, has for many years been the standard approach. However, with open surgery there may be significant pain and a long recovery. For women facing gynecologic surgery, extended time away from normal daily activities can understandably cause significant anxiety.

Fortunately, less invasive options are available. CareMount Medical’s Gynecologic Surgeons use minimally invasive techniques, single-incision laparoscopy, and robotic-assisted surgery. These gynecologic procedures minimize the pain and risk associated with large incisions while increasing the likelihood of a fast recovery and excellent clinical outcomes overall.